Yes, we're actually brothers. And no, we don't always see eye-to-eye on everything (especially food). But there's one thing we do agree on unequivocally and that's doing great work. We may have different ideas on how to get there and question each other on the way - but every single idea is considered and every opinion is respected. It's an intimate and intelligent collaboration.

Boundless - Cambodia

A Lifestyle Series by The Eadybros

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This adrenaline charged 10-part Documentary series follows the adventures of Simon Donato and Paul Trebilcock in their quest to travel to the most obscure locales to take part in events, no matter how extreme, and see if they can finish each one intact. They are challenged to do what they have always said they would do – test themselves and their bodies like never before. Shooting begins in Summer, 2012 and will carry through the Fall and early Winter to get to a variety of events in the most interesting, culturally diverse locations.

More than anything, Boundless is a riveting character study of two lifelong friends and rivals who have always dreamed of ‘ditching it all and seeing what they can achieve’. The show will reveal all of the personality conflicts and highs and lows that they will encounter along the way. Boundless will document all of the unique situations and surroundings that Simon and Paul find themselves in; strange places with vast cultural differences, huge language barriers, fish out-of-water lodging, food, transportation, and the incredible characters they meet along the journey.

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